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      D.S.R. Degree College has a team of highly qualified, sincere, dedicated and experienced faculty from the premier institutions of the the country . The faculty at DSR has a sufficient teaching experience... MORE

    • Doubt Removal and Extra Classes

      Doubts are essential. These act as stepping stones towards comprehensive understanding and mastery of topic. If, students raise doubts , it proves they are learning and therefore, getting more and more interest in the topics ... MORE

    • Doubt Removal and Extra Classes

      Dr. Harishankar Gangwar

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      We Guarantees turning hard work to success
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      we provide you the best facility for the learing. we give you that kind of environment in which you can enhance your knowledge and skill through the full facility of study. our digital classes and labs provide you the best platform to perform. MORE

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      Knowledge acquisition is the process of absorbing and storing new information in memory, the success of which is often gauged by how well the information can later be remembered (retrieved from memory). our practical teaching method wwill help yoou to get the best knowledge wwith minimum effort. MORE

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